Water Maintenance

Mission & Duties
It is the Water Maintenance mission to repair or replace water main service lines and meters. The Water Maintenance Department also reads property meters and reports their usage for billing.

The Water Maintenance Department does the following:
  • Collects samples of Henryetta's water and sends them to a laboratory for testing
  • Conducts pressure testing to assure an adequate 25 pounds per square inch (psi) throughout the system
  • Maintains all the water pumps and generator systems throughout the city
  • Reads roughly 2,800 meters each month, assuring an accurate bill is generated
  • Repairs and replaces water lines
  • Services and replaces meters as needed
  • CCR Water Report 2015
Hours of Operation
This department is on call 24 hours a day and operates in all weather conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions
For more information, visit the Water Maintenance Frequently Asked Questions section.